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8313 NW 66th Street, Miami FL 33166

8313 NW 66th Street, Miami FL 33166

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Broken equipment, we have the parts and the qualified labor.


Need and estimate? Let us troubleshoot and assess the malfunctioning.

“This diagnostic fee is to cover the cost to unpackage your machine and the time spent to estimate the cost of your home model espresso machine repair in our facility. This item and associated fee does not cover plumbed only machines, nor onsite visits.
The diagnostic fee is non-refundable, including cases where you decide to not ship your machine in for service. The diagnostic fee is only for diagnosis, and if the repair can be made within the first half hour during unpacking the machine and diagnosis, there would be no additional labor charges. Additional time for repair, descaling, parts, shipping, and cleaning are additional to this $75.00 fee. If the repair is authorized by the customer, the diagnosis fee is applied to the repair.
We can service many of the espresso machines or grinders we sell. 
We do not reccomend repair espresso machines ten or more years old as the cost to repair usually exceeds 50% of the cost of purchasing a new similar machine.”
Before Shipping: Call us.
Identification: We receive many machines for repair. Place white masking tape on the base of your machine and and pertinent parts you ship with the machine. This will help identify your machine and related parts.
Cover: Place a plastic bag around the machine to avoid scratching.
Packaging: For maximum protection, place your machine carton inside an outer shipper carton using only United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service (USPS), or FedEx Ground. If the original cartons (inner and outer) are NOT available, please make sure to double box AND INSURE your machine as we can not be responsible for damage or loss. You need to make sure to have at least 4 inches of cushioning between the machine and the outer box.
Payment: Your credit card will be charged when you process the order. You will be provided an estimate for repair. At that time, if you decline, there will be this charge. Your charge for repair may be greater than the diagnostic fee charge depending upon what is needed to service your machine.
Exclosures To Include: Please enclose a copy of the emailed online order and a detailed description of the symptoms or problems.
Outside Box Identification: Place your full name, brand and machine model on outside box.
Where To Ship: Ship insured, signature required to
Coffee Machine Repair L.L.C
8313 NW 66th St, Miami Florida, 33178
Tracking: Please track your package to us. One of our techs will call you once the machine is on the bench, and an estimate has been established. Calling or emailing about receipt of the package does slow our technicians in repairing machines.
  • Estimated Time For Repair: Please note that the estimated time for repair can not be provided as it is difficult to determine the complexity of the repairs of the machines that arrived prior to your machine. In other cases, unforeseen problems, different than what the customer described, arise and cause delays. With this in mind, it can take between 1 and 2 weeks to diagnose your machine and provide an estimate. We kindly request that you wait until you receive a phone call from one of our technicians before calling as ‘calling in’ will only slow down our technicians who are feverishly working on machines.
  • Repair Priority: Machines are repaired on a first come.
  • Rush Service: Rush service to move to the front of the line is $125 USD.
  • Repair Warranty: (standard industry practice) Repairs have a 30 day warranty on parts and labor LIMITED ONLY for the items repaired. Any return shipping cost or damage and new problems are not covered under this warranty.
  • Descaling Disclaimer: Please note that we take every precaution to not allow descaling solution to damage the finish to your machine. However, we are not responsible for accidental spills or leaking by your machine. In addition, there have been cases where a descaling will cause an irreparable leak on an espresso machine, and we are not responsible for this damage as we can not always determine this outcome due tot he fact that we can not visually view how extensive the damage was done by the limescale. In addition, labor charges will still apply up to the point of the descaling. Customer understands that limescale particles may come loose during shipping back to the customer and it may cause a clog.
  • Storage: This is mostly for those customers who abandon their equipment. Upon completion of the repair, we will email you the final invoice for which you will need to call our order department to process payment. If you do not process payment within 30 days of completion of the repair, the machine will be considered and agreed to by you as ‘abandoned’ and will be sold to another client to recuperate the funds for the repair. If the repair is paid 30 days after we emailed you the invoice, there is a $2 per day storage fee.
  • Return of Repaired Espresso Machine: We do extensive testing of repairs. Before we ship espresso machines, our techicians try to remove as much water from the boiler as possible. However, not all water can be removed and the little residual water can soak a machine and its packaging. We usually leave the applicable hot water valve, grouphead valve, and/or steam valve open to allow drainage. We are not responsible for any rust that may occur from transport and water. IF YOUR MACHINE ARRIVES WET, THE MACHINE NEEDS TO BE ALLOWED TO AIR DRY FOR 48 HOURS MINIMUM TO AVOID PHYSICAL DAMAGES AND/OR BODILY HARM.
  • Return of Repaired Coffee Grinders: Although our tecnicians make the best efort to remove coffee grinders fromt he grinder, it is impossible to remove all coffee grinds. Therefore, it is possible that the small amount of coffee grinds spreads through the packaging and creates a filthy looking grinder during transport.

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Excellent experience, I received a quick attention and solution. They fixed my coffee machine and also taught me how to give it the proper maintenance. The best part about my experience was at their showroom looking all the variety of professional coffee machines. Looking forward to buy a new one. Alfredo Vizcarrondo

I can only say that in this place they made me feel at home, they were very friendly! I had taken my machine to other places and had not been able to repair it, here they fixed it in two days and also serviced. Thank you very much for everything! Alemar Rincon

Excellent service – fast repair of my Saeco Odea Giro Plus. Personable, professional and extremely reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this establishment as A1+. Thanks guys – without my coffee, where would I be? Tom V

Coffee Machine Repair helped me out when no other small appliance repair companies could . My coffee machine was repaired in one day and I was treated very respectfully and courteously! I will only use Coffee Machine Repair for my future repairs. Would definitely recommend to any coffee machine owner in need of repair. Katarina Samper

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