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About Us

Repair. Maintenance. Service.

We are a full service espresso machine repair shop. Our range of services includes installations, troubleshooting, repair, cleaning, maintenance. Our company understands that your cafeteria, restaurant, office or home cannot afford coffee downtime. We stock parts and repair promptly. We employ the latest technology in the field and in-house to expedite the process of getting your coffee machine operational right away. With superior skill, experience, and technology, Coffee Machine Repair has the foundation and background necessary to service your espresso equipment.

Providing Expert & Honest Service

Our History

Our company name is new but our tradition servicing Espresso machines is long. We’ve been in the coffee business for years and so has our expert staff.

Our Service

Our service philosophy is unparalleled. Honest estimates, quick service, quality delivery and reasonable pricing. 

Count on Us!


Our Experts

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Jonathan Roey


David Doe

Expert Mechanic

Jane Smith

Expert Mechanic

Happy Customers

“Our fine pastry & caffe store depends heavily on our Espresso equipment. Without it our business becomes less than 50% profitable. We were so lucky to find CMR, they showed up almost right away with tools and parts, and in literally no time we were back to 100% service”

Joel Zvesky

“As office manager, I oversee every aspect of our facilities, coffee is one key motivational factor for visitors and staff alike. Being responsible for this equipment, I have peace of mind knowing that they are one call away. Any issues,  I pick up the phone and they are at our doorstep. Love it”

Christine Domenic

Full Service Coffee Machine Repair Shop

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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